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Release strategy for POs

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Hai everbody

I have a requirement regarding release strategy of the PO.

As per the standard SAP when we relese the PO release amount is net amount without the

delivery costs and taxes. Now my requirement is PO release amount should include

delivery costs and addition taxes which is shown under the head Landed price in the PO (me23n)

under conditions.

SAP has suggested user exit for this.

user exit "M06E0004" and suggested to use the CEKKO-CEKKOZZ field.

but this is a single character field.

How shall I code this.

First of all i should store the net value incuding the delivery cost in some table field

and then use it when it is displaying.

Please suggest me.

This is an urget requirement, please send your responces as early as possiable.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Mahitha.

I have no experience in this user-exit, but it looks like you should modify structure CEKKOZZ (via transaction SE11), include a new field yourself (maybe the amount w/taxes and so on), and then you should be able to get/put this value via parameters I_CEKKO or E_CEKKO of function EXIT_SAPLEBND_002.

Hope it helps. BR,


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If you have idea where delivery costs and taxes are storing(tables). So If you think userexit which you have specified is correct write a <b>select</b> query to fetch those <b>delivery costs and taxes</b>. and Again put it into same field

<b>NetAmount= NetAmount + delivery costs + taxes.</b>

Good Luck


Suresh Babu Karanam

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CEKKOZZ is a structure wherein you create your own zzfield with the data type that you require. After doing so, pick up the calculated Net value (assuming you are doing this from some Z table) and pass it to this field in the exit. Iam not sure how it's going to behave as field won't appear on the screen. But give it a shot. You can also take a look at enhancement MM06E005 which is for adding new screens and fields for PO release. It will definitely work as I have used this earlier.

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