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Relation between Pricing procedure and material.

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Hello experts,

Is it possible to find the material from a Sales order Header Pricing Procedure?

If yes, which tables have this information?

Thank you all for the help.

Krishna Dev.


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Hi Krishna,

Material can be found from VBAP-MATNR table, you can link it through VBAK-VBELN.

I don't think there is any linkage between Pricing procedure and Material directly.



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Hi Mohayuddin,

I have a thought, but please let me know if this can be done or not.

In the pricing procedure, we have condition types and each condition type is linked/associated with a material. right?

Can we get the material through this linkage.

Also how can we see the code in Pricing procedure?


Krishna Dev

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When creating the Condition records in VK11 for the particular output type, We will select the combination of variables such as in your case Material etc......

After saving the record will be saved in the Pricing Condition Table AXXX (where XXX - 000 to 999) where the key fields are the ones you selected in VK11.

I think you have to find the Pricing Reocrd from this table which contains your material number.

With Regards,


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Hi ,

To see the code for pricing , u can VOFM trx,

VOFM-->Requirements -->Pricing,

It will show the list of the routines from which you search vch is called for u.