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regrdin file transer from al11 to archive directory URGENT

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HI ,

my actual require ment is

in BDC inbound interface i have to read data from applcation server .i did that.

but now i have to send that file to archive directory after succefully reading that.

can anybody help on this

wt is archive directory?

how to send that application server file to archive directary after succesfull reading it? .......

is there any function module for this....

wt is archive directory?


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An archive directory is just a concept where one directory on the operating system holds files that have been processed. You don't need to do anything special, either take the internal table you already have and write it to a file in this directory or call an operating system command to move the file.

You just need to find out for your system which directory is the archive directory.



P.S. Please consider the rules of the forum and do not mark your post as URGENT.

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Ask concernd person the path of archive directory on your application server. This will be similar to any other directory path.

After your processing is done and before deleting your file you will have to send that file to this archive directory..

you can use:

open dataset....

......code for sending file to new path (archive)

close dataset..