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regarding user exit in PA30.

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Hi abappers,

I have implemented a user defined validation, in the user exit <b>EXIT_SAPFP50M_002</b> of the <b>PA30</b> transaction with <b>0008</b> infotype. The validation part works fine but after validation when i try to save the changes i am not able to save can anybody help me out on this?


Narendiran Rathinavelu


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I would suggest you to go for BADI.

Follow the below steps to find out what all BADI's are called when you press any button in any transaction.

1) Goto se24 (Display class cl_exithandler)

2) Double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.

3) Put a break point at Line no.25 (CASE sy-subrc).


4) Execute SAP standard transaction

5) Press the required button for which you need to write an exit logic, the execution will stop at the break point.

6) Check the values of variable 'exit_name', it will give you the BADI name called at that time.

7) This way you will find all the BADIs called on click of any button in any transaction.



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>> when i try to save the changes i am not able to save..

Can you paste your code snippet? and what is the error you get on SAVE?


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Hi girish,

1. Sometimes it happens,

that when debug mode is active,

it won't save.

2. Just try to remove the debug,

and open another session,

and do the full transaction again.


amit m.