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Regarding RESB table changes

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I m working on one interface, in which i hav RESB extraction process. For the initial run of this interface all the records should be downloaded .But on subsequent execution i need only the changed records. The problem is there is no means for me to keep track of the changes in RESB, as these are not getting reflected in change tables CDHDR and CDPOS. Also there is no CREATED/CHANGED date fields in RESB table. Does anyone know any alternative for fetching the changed or newly records from RESB table based on date?


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Hi CS ,

U have to look at Transaction-->document changes , not the table changes , as u knw that RESB contains Purchase Data , so u have to look at that Tcodes .



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Hi Cynthia,

In the runtime we can check for the changes that are made in a table by using the mirror tables. there would be XRESB and YRESB tables in runtime which would hold the mirror images of the table contents before change and after change. so we have to perform a check of the fields from both the table at runtime. If there is a change perform the required action accordingly.


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