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Regarding Report Group-GR55

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hi friends,

I am running a report group using the T.Code GR55. In the selection screen when i enter the Fiscal Year-2007 and then run the report group it is generating an output. after that we are double clicking on the particular field on the output it is calling an abap program which has the fiscal year in the selection screen.but the ourput it is generating is showing all the values including 2006 and 2007. i just want to know the link between the report group and abap program ie if it is calling nay interface inbetween(also how the values are passed from the report group to the selection screen of abap program).


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report group.....u r working with report painter right???

u need to use range table here ............

Using ranges you can achieve this

loop at seriegem into wa_seriegem.

wa_xblnr_r-sign = 'IN.

wa_xblnr_r-option = 'CP'.

concatenate wa_seriegem '%' into wa_xblnr_r-low.

APPEND wa_xblnr_r TO r_xblnr.



FROM bsid

WHERE xblnr IN r_xblnr

reward points if helpful....

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You can use FM <b>GRW_JOB_SUBMIT_PREPARE</b>

to know find out how GR55 picks the respective program for report groups.


Pass I_REPORT_GROUP = Your report group

and I_PROGRAM_TYPE = 'X' ( DO PASS this).

U ll get the program/ report name.

If you run the program using SE38, u ll find that , the program initializes itself with its own logic - <b>it does not pick up any variant as such</b>.

Hope it helps.

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thanks a lot. i would try it.