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Regarding Package.

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Hi Experts,

I have created one Z Package in SAP. I saved my all examples in this package.

I want to store this whole package on presentation server on which i am working for the further reference and backup.

Is it possible ? If Yes then How ???

Please give me step by step process for it.

Note : please avoid giving the solution which is not related to Question.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Raj

For a backup of your package you can do the following:

1. Put the package and all its objects into a transport request

2. Release the transport request

3. Download the transport request files

Example: You have the request DEVK900100 and the transport directories should be <i>\usr\sap\trans\data</i> and <i>\usr\sap\trans\cofiles</i>.

If you are working on a standard R/3 system then you have transaction <b>CG3Y </b>(Download application server -> PC) available. Call this transaction twice with the following parameter:

- \usr\sap\trans\<b>data</b>\<b>R</b>900100.DEV -> C:\temp\R900100.DEV

- \usr\sap\trans\<b>cofiles</b>\<b>K</b>900100.DEV -> C:\temp\K900100.DEV

For uploading the request files you can use the corresponding transaction <b>CG3Z</b>. Use transaction <b>AL11 </b>to check the transport directories (logical name usually \TRANS) on the importing system.