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Regarding Number Range Object

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What is meant by Number Range Object? its use? Where we can use??

send me some pdf's on this......plzzzzzz.........


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the number range objects define which numbers are allowed for speciell objects.

e.g. Customer VD01 is number range DEBITOR

Material MM01 is number range MATERIAL

You can see and define is with transaction SNUM



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Hi Sowjanya,

Kindly go through the below given help from sap.....this would clearly help you to understand everything about Number Ranges...

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<b>Number Ranges</b>

In SAP, a number range is assigned to a particular master record or transactions in the system. In SAP you can assign an internal or external number range to a set of master documents. With internal number ranges, SAP automatically assigns numbers serially to documents. On the other hand, with external number ranges, a number has to be given by the user before saving the document. As a control requirement, I normally prefer internal number ranges.

A Number Range may have multiple intervals. For example, the number range (00001 to 99999) may have intervals (00001 to 9999) and (10000 to 99999). Each interval may be assigned to an individual object. Each object is allowed only one internal number range interval and one external number range interval.

For detail refer following link in SAP lib

<b><a href="">Number Range in Detail</a></b>

Enjoy SAP.

Pankaj Singh.