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Regarding Message Type in ALE

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hi guys,

i was involved in Master data distribution using Message Types MATMAS, DEBMAS and CREMAS but never created a customer specific Message Type that is why, i just want to know in what cases do we have to create our own message type's using we31, we30 and we81 and we82.

can any one out here help me out by sharing giving some real time scenario's in what cases do we exactly have to create our own message type.




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Hi Pavan,

There is no hard and fast rule that you use standard or custom message types...

SAP has provided messages for almost all scenarios. If you don't have enough fields in standard messgae type, you can enhance it to accumulate your requirement.

But if the organization has completetly custom defined system (involving many Z-tables) , we create custom message types...

As far as my knowledge, we should try to go ahead with standard message types by suppressing unnecessary segments and enhancing existing segments just to avoid Z-objects.



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Hi Pavan,

When we can't get the all the necessary information for a standard idoc then we will go for custom idoc.For example iam giving u a scenario.

The scenario is that in the sales order screen we have added two date fields.We need to update these zfields in SAP.So as the standard idoc doesn't serve our requiremnt we have created our own message type,own segments,own basictype,and own process code and also own function module.The logic for updating the fields in SAP was written in Function module.

reward if u feel useful.