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Regarding FI module

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Can any body tell me what is parking and posting a document in FI module . for reference use transactions

f-64 and fbv3 .


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Accounting documents can be parked / posted / held.

Posting -- When a fi document is posted the relevant account entries are recorded in the respective GL Accounts.

Eg. You post a goods issue document, then the g/l account of the corresponding customer is updated, i.e., the value of the goods are posted as accounts receivable from the customer. Subsequently the value of the goods are depleted from the current stock at the corresponding plant.

Parking -- Any accounting document can be parked prior to posting for further reference. If there is any correction to be done for which you would need additional data, then you can park the document temporarily.

In both posting and parking, the db tables are affected.

If the above answer serves your need, reward the points.

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all the parked documents using FV50 can be posted with FBV0. In header part u can do somesimple chenges to post the documents

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Parthasarathy ,

Thanks a lot . I want to know about what is

1. profit center .

2. charge .

3. third party client .

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Hi Senthil,

For more info you can refer the doc