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regarding f4 help in gui screen

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hai to sdn members,

ihave to desin ascreen such thatone of the fields in screen first field should have f4 help so that i can choose a value and i have to create save and dispalay and change options in menu bar and i have to create save and exit buttons in standard tool bar so when after selecting a value by f4 i should save the other fielsds and change is to update and display to insert and exit to leave the screen




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1. For f4 help,

go to se11.

choose search help option and then write any name that you want.

click on create.

you will get a maintain search help table. Enter the short description.

In the selection method, enter the table name in which the field is there for which you want the f4 help.

Then come to the parameter table at the bottom.

Enter the field name under search help parameter option.

check the IMP and EXP options.

Fill 1 as value for LPos and SPos.

Fill in the data element for the corresponding field( field used for f4 help).

Save and activate ..

Then go to se11

Open the table in which the field is present for which you want the f4 help.

Click on the field for which you want the f4 help.

Click on the search help option present on the top of the table.

Enter the search help name you just created.

Click ok.

Enter the table name and field name.

Click on copy.

F4 help is created for the particular feild.

2. You can create the save, display and change buttons in the menu bar and save and exit buttons in standard application toolbar by creating the status first.

Right click on the transaction you create, select create and then status.

enter a name for the status. enter short description. chick ok.

you will get a maintain status screen.

For menu bar:-

Click on the icon right next to the menu bar.

Write save and then double click on it.

Write any value under code and the text you want under text options.

Double click on the code you just wrote.

You will get a function attributes screen.

Select the function type, icon name for the function code.

Write the icon text and info text for the same.

Click ok.

Save botton is created.

Similarly you can create display and change buttons.

For application toolbar also , the process is same.



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to do this one way would be name this i/o field as reference to database table say Z14_EKKO-EBELN is name given to purchase order n, i/o field in screen painter attributes...nand when u create foreign key reference ie EKKO say for EBELN field in z14_EKKO table then f4 help will be automatically generated for this field in our screen

this surely goin to help

reward if useful