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Regarding Exit

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Hi All

I am new to exits . So need some inputs from all of you.

I need to add functionality to standard CAT2 where it should execute cats_da as soon as a user logs in and in case of any missing time it should popup a warning message to the user to fill that missing time before proceeding for current weeks time sheet filling.

Now am not sure whether this calls for a screen exit or a menu exit or any other approach? any suggestions on the same?

pls guide me on this




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The following are the user exits avaialble for CAT2 Tcode.

As per ur requirement , u seat a break-point in each exit , and find which exist will be suitable.

concentrate on CATS0003 ,CATS0006 for validations.

if u r addinga new field on screen i.e screen exit try for CATS0005

if the above doenst work out then try the following:

CATS0001 CATS: Set up worklist

CATS0002 CATS: Supplement recorded data

CATS0003 CATS: Validate recorded data

CATS0004 CATS: Deactivate functions in the user interface

CATS0005 CATS: Customer field enhancements

CATS0006 CATS: Validate entire time sheet

CATS0007 CATS: Subscreen on initial screen

CATS0008 CATS: Determine workflow recipients for approval

CATS0009 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Data Entry Secti

CATS0010 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Worklist

CATS0011 CATS: Customer functions

CATS0012 CATS: Subscreen on data entry screen

Revert back if anyissues.

Reward with points if helpful.