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Regarding Creation of Output types for SAP SCRIPTS

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Hi All,

I want to create new output types for my SAP Script.

What is the procedure for creating new <b>Z - Output Type</b>.

Like <b>ZA01 for Sales Order</b>.

What is the procedure can any body help me in this regard.

It is not to use <b>ZA01</b> in <b>NACE</b> & connect Print Program & Layout set against Form Entry.

It is for creation of <b>ZA01 Output</b> Type itself.

If anybody knows the procedure please post the steps.

Also please mention will there be any diffrence in creation from <b>Module to Module</b> (or) <b>Transaction (Vs) Transaction</b>. Just like <b>Sales Order (Vs) Purchase Order (Vs) Production Order</b>.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,



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Go to the customizing (transaction SPRO) and then follow the path

<i>Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Output Control -> Output Determination -> Output Determination using the Condition Technique -> Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents -> Maintain Output Types</i>

This will get you to the output types for sales documents. For other types of documents you have similar paths.



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hi Shaik,

Steps for output type:

  • Go to NACE Transaction

  • Select V1 - Sales.

  • Click Output type

  • In edit mode , click on new entries.

  • Give output type as ZA01 with some descp.

  • Then enter , then u need to give the Access seq. as 0010

  • Rest proprties are more and less similar to the BA00 standard output type in V1 only.

After that u need to give the processing routines.

  • In that u need to give the Program name

  • followed by Form routine name

In this way u can create the output from NACE tran.

Let me know if u want anything else.


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I don't want how we connect Print Program and layout set via Output Type [ZA01].

I want to know how we will create that output type[ZA01] itself.

Hope i am clear with question now.

Thanks & Regards,


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Creating a new output type will be done by Function consultant through custimization.

If you want to use output type ZA01 that is already created, to print a sales order/delivery order/invoice,(YOu have not mentioned in which order you want to create the ZA01 output tpe)then you need to open the order in the change mode. then go to menu path and choose HEADER

-> OUTPUT. (I think short key is SHIFT + F7 )



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I just want to learn the process of creating new output types from SPRO.

All other process related to SAP Scrips i am very much familiar.

Thanks & Regards,


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I am a new of the scripts, i dont know the script output type, please send the script output types for sales order, purchase order and material master

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Firstly, creation of output type will be done Functinal Consultants

If you want to create yourselves you need to know the application for which youwant to create output type.

ex: for Shipping V2(delivery orders, coom inv, label etc)

Billing V3(Billing DOcs...)

Inventory ME( if you want to prinit labels, forms, emails upon goods movement

go to NACE and specific application and find the suitable Standard output type and copy all elements into new Output type if you don't want to use the Standard one.

Creation of output type is same for all but offcourse there will be minor changes netween modules.

you will get lot of info on this subject in the sap help portal..