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Regarding Batch Run

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Hi Guys,

My requirement is to send a daily feed of all the financial transactions happening day to day from SAP system to DW ie a non-SAP system (Internal) and this should only capture the deltas from last time it ran.

What are all the different possible ways of doing it? Which option would be the best, ALE or to send as a file? What could be done in order to send it as a file?

It is a raw data dump from a custom line item table. When there is a transfer error then after the corrections are made the program should be re-started at the point of failure to resend the files. How to go about it?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi, it's absolute that you can select out the finanical transaction info through BAPI or directly from assoiciated SAP table.

You can create a application to do this, and create a job (SM36) to run the application periodically. In your case, the duration should be 24 hours.

And about the transfer file, you can using the GUI_DOWNLOAD, this a simple and productive way for normal case. It store you data file into a directory in another system. Of course, there are many ways to achieve the target. XI, Connector, etc etc. Also can send a mail with the attached file.

About the error handling, it due to the technology you used to transfer, and the process of yours in the application. I think can't suggest too much on this point.

Hope it will be helpful.

Thanks a lot

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FM GUI_DOWNLOAD can not be used in batch processing. If you want to transfer a file in background, you should use dataset.