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Regarding ALV Extracts.....................

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Hi All,

I have a requirement as below; kindly, say whether it is possible. If yes, give me a solution to proceed.

---> This is my requirement,

A report (ALV Grid) need to be run in background.

That ALV extract is to be saved in the database (Not only through SPOOL, is there any possibility apart from SPOOL).

The user need to access the ALV Extract, with a name tag as specified in the selection screen element (PARAMETERS).

The ALV Extract when accessed from the database, should be similar to the grid and must have the all the options, which are present in the ALV Grid (SAVE TO LOCAL FILE, SORTING, SUBTOTALS.......).

Kindly give me a suggestion whether the above requirement is possible. If any possibility, kindly give me a solution to proceed further.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi. Yes to all your questions.... the AVL can run in the background, and storeing the data selection is no problem.


1a) When using the new Control method you will need to code for no screen.

IN PBO include the following

if cl_gui_alv_grid=>offline( ) is initial.

create object gr_container


container_name = c_container.


See report BCALV_TEST_GRID_PRINT as an example


See report BCALV_FULLSCREEN_DEMO as an example

2) Storing the selected data for later analysis NOT using spool

To store the output you call ALV lists with an ITAB. If you store this ITAB and retrieve this with a later report execution then you can run this independantly. i.e. The extract with all options should work without selecting the data.

What I have done before is to store the data extract in a data cluster table. You can make this generic and include the ALV structure as well.

Then with a small amount of coding you can either select the data from the dBase, or from your previous extract.



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Hi Rob,

Thanks alot for your answer.

I have few concerns on this issues......

In our documentation its given......."To search the ALV Extract using a matchcode"

What this matchcode really mean.

Can we save the ALV extract to File (Its given as Save to file).

And how to save ALV extract into Document management system.

Once again, Thanks alot for your response.