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Reg: IDoc Process for Shipment

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Hi All,

For EDI Outbound process i am using the exit EXIT_SAPLV56K_002 to populate

the new Extended IDoc type for SHIPMNT01.

The problem is when i am appending the records into the IDOC internal table in exit..and process IDoc, all segments are displayed in Same level in we02. There are no subnodes

When i doesn't append, the the segments are displayed in heirarcy manner

in we02. with subnodes

So, i need to display Segments in heirarchy Manner with sub nodes as basic Idoc type in WE30.





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I think the segemnt is not getting appended at its correct position in the hierarchy level of the idoc. What you need to make sure is that the edidd internal table contains the segment name field(segnam) in the correct order.

May be this will help you


Points are always welcome

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I am populating in the same order as BASIC Idoc type.

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Hello Keerthipati,

You should put condition as below like :

case int_edidd-segnam.

when 'E1EDP01' . Assumption that your segments under this segment

loop at int_edidd.

append your data to ur segment. this will come automatically under expected segment.




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I am populating as per the IDoc type heirarchy and i know when its in the order

it should display as per the IDoc type heirarchy, But its not displaying in WE02.

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Your hiearchy is wrong.

If you see same idoc in WE19, your appended segment should looks seperate, that means you are passing in wrong hiearchy.

When appending make sure you are passing correct index.



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Hi keerthipati,

when you append (or insert??) new segments into IDOC internal table, you should make sure, that all administrative fields are filled:

SEGNUM (number of segment) is a sequential number for every segment and

DOCNUM IDoc Number

SEGNUM Number of SAP segment

SEGNAM Segment type

PSGNUM Number of the hierarchically higher SAP segment

HLEVEL Hierarchy level

Set PSGNUM as the segment number of the segment in hierarchy directly above. Look at an existing IDOC in SE16 to see the admin data. Compare this to the view you get in WE02 (or other) and set the correct HLEVEL.

This will help.



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Thanks for the Help, I already did it and populated in the same heirarchy as it exists..

I have resolved the Issue. Issue was, The extended IDoc was not attached to the

Message type.

Edited by: keerthipati hemanth on Jun 3, 2009 5:21 PM

Edited by: keerthipati hemanth on Jun 3, 2009 5:22 PM

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Resolved myself.