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Reg:Diffarence between New debugger and clasical debugger

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what are the diffarence/advantages that we can have with new debugger (ECC vs 4.6c)>

If you have any document please send me the documentation. I am very thankful to you if you forward me this.

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The Classic ABAP Debugger

runs in the same roll area as the application to be analyzed (debuggee). It is therefore displayed in the same window as the application. However, this technology also has some restrictions. For example, some ABAP programs (such as conversion exist) cannot be analyzed in debug mode for technical reasons. However, the most significant restriction is that no ABAP technology can be used for designing the Debugger interface and it is therefore not possible to create a modern user interface.

The New ABAP Debugger

, on the other hand, is executed in a separate external session (Debugger), while the application to be analyzed (debuggee) uses a second external session. With this technology, the user interface of the Debugger can be designed freely by ABAP means.

The new Debugger provides the user with a flexible interface that can be configured as required and has more than eight desktops. Here it is possible to place and arrange up to four tools - depending on the user's selection. For example, it is possible to display source texts or structures. In this way, the user can design the Debugger interface according to his own individual requirements.

As of Release 6.40, you can select the debugging type as you wish by choosing the classic Debugger or the new Debugger in the ABAP Editor from the path Utilities ® Settings. It is also possible to switch the Debugger at any time during a session under the menu option Debugging.

As of Release 7.00, the new ABAP Debugger is the default.



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Hi Srik

The new ABAP Debugger runs separately from the main application. This means that the limitations of the old debugger no longer apply. Running in a different process, it thus eliminates any side interactions between the debugger and the debugged application, and also enables debugging for all ABAP coding. An improved UI and personalization capabilities, in addition, increases the efficiency of the debugger.

It is possible to switch between the classic and the new Debugger at any time. In this case, all the breakpoints for both Debuggers remain visible. To switch from the classic Debugger to the new Debugger, you must go through the path Debugger ® Switch to New ABAP Debugger.

chk these links

about new debugger :

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hope this information helps