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Reg, Dialog programming ( Creating Screen)

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Hello Friends,

I am new to module pool programming. and i hv 2 create 1 screen and my requirement is:

User can input Customer no and From-To date and i have to display invoice and some related information to the table display only for input customer no and date.

then user can select some records from table display and he will add Form No and Form type for that selected records and that records will be saved in ztabel ( that i hv created).

so plz tell me how can i go further for this scenario.




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From SE80 or SE38 create the program first. Give the attribute as 'Module pool' program. Save it and Declare all your Global Data in that program.

Go to SE 51 - Enter the Program name(created in SE38) and create 2 screens 100 and 101 as screen numbers. save and activate.

Design the first screen in Layout editor with label and Text fields for the required fields(Customer Number and Date).Put some 2 buttons like BACK and INVOICE so that when you click on INVOICE it should take you to screen 101.

Write the Validation for Customer Number field in PAI and also write the logic using OK code and Function Code of the Button (INVOICE).

In PAI of screen 100 write the query such that when pressed INVOICE button, to select the records from VBRK and VBRP tables into an Internal table.

Design the second screen 101 in LAYOUT EDITOR with Table control , because for a single customer there will be multiple records in VBRK and VBRP.

Design the Table control with required field Headings and with proper dictionary fields and field selection for selecting records.

Create another screen 102 with just text fields and labels such that only one selected record from the table control will be displayed. Add 2 z fields which were updated into z table.Also add buttons for SAVE abd BACK.

So take all these 3rd screen fields into another internal table and see that when you change the Z fields they will be updated in Z table. Write this logic in the PAI of the 3 rd screen.

Like this you start developying the screens. Go thorugh the SAP doc for further help required.



When ever user select a record, then