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Hi ,

When I am executing Tran: PRAA to create vendor based on HR master data,

Vendor is created but email address not yet updated eventhough existing for emp.

I found one badi in praa : BADI_EXITS_RPRAPA00.

here which is best method to use to write infotype 0009 (i,e communication ) in the following methods.


SET_VALUES_FOR_BLFBW ABAP Code Exit for BLFBW: Vendor Master, Withholding Tax Types

SET_VALUES_FOR_BLF00 ABAP Code Exit for BLF00: Vendor Master

SET_VALUES_FOR_BLFA1 ABAP Code Exit for BLFA1: Vendor Master, General Data Part 1

SET_VALUES_FOR_BLFBK ABAP Code Exit for BLFBK: Vendor Master, Bank Details

SET_VALUES_FOR_BLFB1 ABAP Code Exit for BLFB1: Vendor Master, Company Code Data

SET_VALUES_FOR_BLFB5 ABAP Code Exit for BLFB5: Vendor Master, Dunning Data

SET_VALUES_FOR_BGR00 ABAP Code Exit for BGR00: Batch Input Structure for Session Data


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Info type PA0105

Edited by: asha sap on Jul 29, 2008 8:42 PM

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I got answer

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Hi Asha,

I realize that this is an OLD thread, but I need to do the same thing. Can you tell me how you solved your problem?

In your orignal post you talk about needing to populate the vendor email address from the HR record. Then you mention infotype 9 communications. Isn't infotype 9 bank details and 105 communication?

I have a SAP consultant that is telling me to use IF_EX_BADI_EXITS_RPRAPA00~SET_VALUES_FOR_BLFB1. BLFB1 has a field INTAD is this the field you used for the HR email address?


Edited by: Jerry on Mar 8, 2011 9:05 PM