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Refreshing Graphic using GFW

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Hi there,

I just started in implementing my first abap programms.

I created a dynpro with a cl_gui_alv_grid and a cl_gui_gp_pres.

What I wanted to have was a selection from the cl_gui_alv_grid which makes draw some correspondent lines in cl_gui_gp_pres.

So far so good, I written a handler for handling doubleclicks, which makes the whole GFW initialization similar to the GFW tutorial in a FORM.


Works fantastic!

Then comes my problem: selecting an other entry, I would like to have the graphic refreshed. But nothing happens!

I get the new values fetched, and the whole GFW initialization is redone by calling the FORM again which uses now the new values.

Unfortunately the GFW stuff seems cached somehow. It doesn't change at all!

So I tried to destroy, free this thing before reinitiatlizing it, but then I get a short dump.

I' am quite sure there must be an easy way, to get this custom control, gfw stuff refreshed, but me as a beginner was not able to find it :-).

Do you have asimple idea for me?

Many thanks and best regards!


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Hi Marek,

Take a look at REFRESH method in CL_ALV_GRAPHICS.