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Real Time Projects

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I am looking for abap job.

Few agencies are suggesting me to add some real time projects in my resume rather than just putting responsibilities in my resume.

I have been trying to add some projects but as you know I don't have any real time experience , its very difficult for me to find someone for such projects.

I am reffering for various tutorials but not getting any big projects.

I hope you are getting me.

can anyone help me please.



points will be awarded.


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can anyone please help me on this?

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This is the way u have to prepare technical wise as well as resume wise also.

Copy this information and put into word doc. U may get some idea about for your career.

Phone: 727-584-1403Summary:

„h Over 5 years of experience in ABAP/4

programming in the areas analysis, design development and testing ..

„h Six SAP/R3 projects experience in SD, FI/CO,MM functional Modules including two onsite projects.

„h Excellent working experience in ABAP components such dictionary,table control, screen painter, ABAP Query and ALV.

„h Good working experience Performance tuning using SQL trace,RFC trace,UAT and run-time analysis(SE30).

„h Extensive knowledge of BOM explosion including path, level and node to material.

„h Experienced in SD implementation of TP/VS in transaction data to APO.

„h Experienced in classical and interactive report generation, BDC programming, Dialog Programming, Smartforms, SAP scripts,Print

Workbench,LSMW and ALV creation.

„h Good Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC).

„h Implementation of BAPI API, Business Add-Ins, ALE/EDI IDoc processing from scratch and Workflow design and User Exits.

„h Worked as good team member,self motivated,enthusiastic and innovative.Additional Qualifications:

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

Software Skills :Operating Systems : Windows NT/XP/2000/2003,

Unix, Linux

Enterprise Tools : ABAP/4,J2EE.


Interfaces : RFC,BAPI,ALE/IDoc/EDI,OLE


Enterprise Portals: iView Technology,

Unification Technology

Migration Tools : LSMW,IS-U(EMIGALL)

Enhancements : BADI,User Exits.

Programming Languages: ABAP,C,C ,Java,XML,


Internet Tools : Internet Transaction




Networking : Windows 2000/2003,

Environment. Cisco Switches/Routers

configuration. Projects Profile:FLORSHEIM GROUP, CHICAGO, IL Feb 2005-Jan 2006



1. Developed various Reports, Interfaces, BDC

programs and SAP Scripts for Florsheim Group

as per client requirement.

2. Involved in design and development activities

in the areas of SD,MM, PP and FI/CO.

3. Worked Team member on project using ASAP to

implement SAP/R3 FI,Purchasing, and Assets.

Coded conversions for vendors, authors,

internal orders, and assets masters.

4. Was involved in the discussion with the

middleware consultants to prepare the IDoc

structure document to perform an Interface

between a legacy system and SAP.

5. Had an exposure in working on LSMW, USER

EXITS, Performance tuning

6. Coded a process to execute transactions for

accounts payable open items.

7. Monitored the processes during go live.


Developed GR/IR aging accounts report for analysis. Data is extracted from BSIS table. This report has a drill down facility at accounting document number and material level.

Coded specialized cash management reports. Developed credit card open items report to check which documents are still unclear. Developed and modified various reports for PP sub module like MRP, SOP and CRP.SAP SCRIPT:

Modified SAP standard layout set of purchase order (MEDRUCK), Included Date/Time stamp, Logo, Bill to address etc.

Modified standard lay-out set RVINVOICE01 and driver program RVADIN01 to incorporate printing of material group which is not supported by the standard layout set and the lay outset was tuned as per the user requirement.INTERFACES:

Developed a batch-input program for transaction VA02 to remove billing or delivery block at header level on sales orders selected by user. User will select a sales order or range of billing block to be removed. Program will then run a BDC session to select these sales orders and remove their delivery/billing blocks.

Developed an Outbound Interface program to transfer UPC codes of active wholesale materials and available stock. Fleshier business partners used this program to update stock inventory for online sales.


This program accepts input data from legacy system application and performs inventory adjustment transactions on SAP. These transactions may be goods issues or reversal of goods issue. The movement type will depend on the reason code and direction of the adjustment (positive or negative).WORK FLOW:

Developed managing and monitor business processes. It allows the flow of work between individuals or departments to be defined and tracked and maintains the range of business tasks, and electronically route the right information to the right people at the right time. Users are notified of pending work, and managers can observe status and route approvals through the system


1 Configured the Communication ports, partner profile and message control for inbound and outbound processing in SAP.

2 centralized purchasing decentralized sales and centralized shipping

3 Implemented distributed Scenario in ALE for contract release, material master, vendor master(message types BLOARD, BLOACH,BLAREL, MATMAS, CREMAS)

4 Created new IDoc type ZMATMAS0 as a copy of MATMAS01. Extended this new IDoc type with a new segment for freight group details,plant code, end ship date, gross weight and shipping unit.

6 Developed ALE for Vendor Invoice, Conform Transfer Order, Purchase Order and Goods Movement IDOC (Inbound) from the legacy system.

7 Created different Output types and Requirements.


In FI implementation configured the ALE between Plant and Corporate office in a way that when a purchase order, vendor invoice raised at plant the same has to be transmitted automatically to the corporate office for which a customer distribution model was created for each type of document. DIALOGUE PROGRAMMING:

Using Dialogue Programming created a transaction that shows the materials assigned to a customer and their rates for a billing request in a table control.

ESS : Gain access to create,view and change some of their own data via web, like for creating time,viewing balance, change of address and contacts of emergency, etc.,Volkswagen, MI. Dec 2003 - Jan 2005

Sr. ABAP Developer


Customizing and implementing SD, PP, MM modules in close co-ordination with functional people of the real work environment. Assisted functional consultants in activities and was also involved in coordinating activities between functional team and technical team.

Data Loads / LSMW

1 Developed Batch Input Session programs to transfer data from legacy systems for Business Object Purchase Information Records (Transaction ME11)

2 Data submission from legacy system for Material, Vendor and Customer Master (Transactions MM01, XK01 and XD01) to system programs RMDATIND, RFBIKR00 and RFBIDE00 respectively for direct input.

3 Extensively used LSMW to transfer data, which is in the form of spreadsheet tables and sequential files from a legacy system to

SAP R/3 system.

4 Equipment Master Upload in Plant Maintenance Module using IBIP Tool.

5. Used EMIGALL(IS-U)to create migration objects and transported mass data.

Reports / ALV

1 Modified SAP supplied report programs RV14AK07 for Customer specific prices with scale display and RV14AK05 for Price list types without scale display as per the client requirements like selecting layout, change layout, save layout.

2 Created a report to display all the Purchase Orders for the Purchasing Organization, Purchase groups and display the total, and individual values of all the Purchase Orders.

SAP Scripts/ Smartforms1 Modified SAP standard layout sets with the print program for Order confirmation (RVORDER01), Inquiry (RVORDER01),clicking list

(RVPICKSIN), Purchase Order (MEDRUCK),Delivery Note(RVDELNOTE) to suite the client requirements.

2 Created Logo, Bar codes and Footer notes to the above-referred documents. Developed reports for vendor performance evaluation,Material Requirement Planning for a period for a particular material type PD

3 Developed reports for daily production and till date production against the targeted production as per MRP schedules.Movement of plant materials affecting the material stock by plant storage area.

4.Integrated Smartforms into print workbench which transfers data to the smartform at runtime through automated function module generation.

5.Report for bale wise stock.Enhancements

1 Worked on customer exit to pick producing plant for Invoicing and batch number for stock transfer and goods issue from production order.

2 Worked on exits for IDoc/extended IDoc processin.Modified the Goods receipt screen transaction using customer exit. When a Goods receipt is entered using transaction MB01 with

reference to a purchase order, the material description by default does not appear in the item detail screen in the Goods receipt document. Created user exit EXIT_SAPMM07M_001 to include the material description. Production Orders: General Sort Exit

3.Worked on user exit `EXIT_SAPLLOI1_002 for storage location determination for production orders.

Interactive Reporting

1 Development of interactive report for the analysis of aging of materials (categorized into various time frame based buckets) kept in the inventory, going up to the details of material requisitions.

2 Report for material stock account displaying the valuation area and category for a material giving the quantity, price (average price) and the total value of the material at sales price

for a particular period.

4 Developed an interactive report to list Material details linking to MM03 transaction. It lists the material information like material number, material type and description in the basic list and this list drills down to material transaction MM03 for more detail

5 Created an Interactive report to output Vendor details like Vendor name and address etc in the Basic list and Bank details like account no, bankers name and address in the Secondary lists.

Dialog Programs

1 Created dialog programs to allow customized production reporting at various intermediate productions stage. Production entry was not

possible in standardized units at even at the same production stage.Created transparent tables for the same.

2 Created program to write the data to a flat file. Created BDC program to update the daily-summarized production summary from flat file to the production-reporting screen (MD4C).

3 Dialog program for mass closure of maintenance work orders

4 Dialog program to display pending PO in an ALV Grid format.MenusCreated custom Area Menus and attached various Report Transactions to it as per the client requirement. ALE/IDocs/EDI

Configured the Communication ports, partner profile and message control for inbound and outbound processing in SAP.

Configured ALE for PO generation at client locations but centralized purchasing decentralized sales and centralized shipping.1 Implemented distributed Scenario in ALE for contract, contract change, contract release, material master, vendor master(message types BLOARD, BLOACH, BLAREL, MATMAS, and CREMAS)

2 Created new IDoc type ZMATMAS0 as a copy of MATMAS01. Extended this new IDoc type with a new segment for freight group details, plant code, end ship date, gross weight and shipping unit.

3 Developed ALE for Vendor Invoice, Conform Transfer Order, Purchase Order and Goods Movement IDoc (Inbound) from the legacy system.

4 Created different Output types and requirements.

Workflow setting for IDoc processing:1 Configured workflow settings for error notification when an inbound IDoc is processed

2 Created Business objects: IDOC, IDOCAPPL, IDPKORDERS and IDOCPACKET.

3 Created tasks and roles to assign work items generated and give error notification according to jobs, position and users.

4 Active monitoring was setup for checking IDOC¡¦s crossing the threshold limits set by executing program RSEIDOCM with the required parameters in selection list.TP/VS Customizing:1.Customized the settings in R/3 and APO systems related to TP/VS.

2.Implemented the settings for the process of Transport planning and vehicle scheduling.

3.Master data integration between R/3 and APO systems.

4.Involved in the processing of Transportation planning and costing.

5.Developed VS planning and optimization methods.

MiscellaneousUsed Workbench tools like Run Time analysis for optimizing ABAP/4 programs, ABAP/4 Debugger to examine the flow and each statement of a program at runtime, ABAP/4 Query.

Environment: PP, MM and PM Modules.

Project: Britvic Business Transformation

Britvic Softdrinks UK Ltd. Jan 2003-Nov 2003 Responsibilities:

Programming and testing, integration of Systems at remote locations to central database systems, preparation of test cases and report,planning and executing definitions,documentation and reporting the business process data. Working with business analysts and clients and collaborate with product requirements. Preparation of technical documentation with specification, data and object models. Providing development estimates based software design and delegation to other developers. Interact with project team, vendors and clients to provide the network connectivity and application workbench. Troubleshooting the technical problems with right decision at right time.

Environment: SAP 4.7, ABAP/4

Functional Modules: SD, MM, SCM (Supply Chain Module).

Project Summary:

Britvic Soft Drinks are leading Soft Drinks Company in UK.This project implementation involves systems integration located at different places.


1. Created report which will display the errors during the creation of delivery and transfer orders for the combination of warehouse and


2. Developed interactive reports for inventory, listing stock position for chosen materials for chosen location for a specified duration.

3. Created reports for production from orders start date to delivery schedule using the tables STRMP,ETRMPand AUFNR.

4.Created report to list outstanding orders based on ship-to party or sold-to-party using tables LIKP, VBAP.

SAP Scripts:

Modified layouts set and print program in SD and MM. Modified MEDRUCK to include logo, contact details of vendor.Various texts, various terms and condition for various documentation types.

Modified layout sets for invoice, delivery note and their print programs.Implemented Print Workbench and created the application forms.

RFC Module:

1. Created an RFC module which create Delivery and transfer orders for the combination of warehouse and shipment.

2. Developed application programs to provide online support for the customers and vendors.


Developed Smartforms, which will get executed for transaction VF01 or VF02 and will be initiated when the user chooses to fax or email via these transactions.


Integration of different R/3 systems located remotely by creating ALE,IDoc creation and processing for data sharing application. This provides distributed environment and eliminates redundancy in documents, orders and invoice creation and publishing in each system.

Distribution and transport planning:

Customization of TP/VS settings in R/3 and APO systems. Created optimization profile that is used by transport scheduling.provided checklist for for SAP LES to ensure that necessary data is ready. This process supports transportation zones and location organized with hierarchy.Enhancements:

Developed Business Add-Inn (BADI) for the transaction VL02N.This enhancement is used to determine the put away location.

Performance Tuning:

Improved the system performance by using buffered tables in report programms for SELECT statements.Used SE30 for runtime analysis and error diagnosis.

Optimized the usage of NESTED SELECTS for reports using multiple tables.Project: Zurich Home Insurance Solutions

Zurich Home Insurance Ltd,London Apr 02-Dec 02Responsibilities:

Preparation of documents for design and development, Preparation of test documents and report generation, interacting with client to discuss about their requirements to be presented in the development tool, program development and troubleshooting the technical issues araised during the testing process.

Project Summary:

Zurich Insurance Solutions is a system with wide range of primary insurance products. It involves in creation and customization of insurance objects. The IBNR Module is one of the new global ¡§Accounting Engines being implemented in Project Pass.


1. Involved in Screen Design and coding for the insurance module using Dialog Programming as per user requirement. Created Field groups, Views, Sections and Screens. Customized Screen Layout/Screen Sequence.

2. Developed interactive Reports to list Business Partner Details for different time periods and institution. The data was extracted from BUT000, BUT050, DIMABPAR and T001 tables.

3. Developed Audit History for designed screens in Insurance Module using CDHDR and CDPOS tables. Created custom tables, required data

dictionary elements like data elements, domains to support client business process.

SAP Scripts:

Modified the layout set for purchase order to get the advertisement data into the layout set and changed the corresponding print program to calculate the payment amount

Created layout for the standard welcome pack for insurance options and agreement forms.

Environment: SAP 4.7, ABAP/4Project: Implementation of Warehouse Management Systems

Poundstretcher UK Ltd.

ABAP Programmer May 2001-Mar 2002Responsibilities:

Preparation of Basic designs, preparation of detailed design and coding, Preparation of necessary documentation for coding,preparation

of test cases and reports. Technical and functional knowledge sharing among the team members.

Project Summary:

This System collects products and stock information from various suppliers through WAN.The collected information is the updated in the R/3 system through batch input process. The updated information is them linked to the web service and intranet through interface such as BAPI.So that retail outlets can get the up-to-date information about the product and stock details.

RFC Function Modules:

Created an RFC module to provide the communication between or and catalog inventory reference.

Developed interactive reports to display purchase orders, document numbers from EKKO tables.Later it displays the material information or document information as secondary list using line reporting events.

Performance Tuning:

Applied performance tuning methods to improve performance of application processing thus reducing database loads by replacing some SQL statements with certain modifications.This reduces the number of database hits and using appplication servers instead to manage the load balancing.ALEMBIC PHARMACEUTICALS LTD INDIA May 00 - Apr 01

SAP - ABAP/4 DeveloperThe ABAP/4 programming area is concentrated on Business Objects, enhancements, Data Transferring programs, SAP Scripts and interactive reports using ALV Function modules. Transferred Legacy data from MS-Excel and MS-Access files into SAP System modified several systems defined SAP Objects using variables SAP Enhancements, and created Business Objects to make a communication from SAP System to Non-SAP System, Internet, with SAP System.Designed and coded a BDC program to migrate sales order data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database, and Developed BDC program for list of sales, which uploads the data from Ms-Excel, Ms-Access.

Developed a Project to Transfer Functional Location data using LSMW.

Code Optimized using the features such as Runtime Analysis and SQL trace.

Created Interactive Report for Pending Order Status Report (MM), which displays pending of Purchase orders (PO) for material wise and Vendor wise using ALV Grid.

Created a report to display all the Purchase Orders for the Purchasing Organization, Purchase groups.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6, MM, FI/CO, Interactive Reports, Smart forms, ALV Reports.Educational Summary:

Bachelor of Technology Jawaharlal Nehru Technological


Check out the sample specifications section in at:

All the Best.



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plz some body help in real time objects preparation...of sap-abap

I hope some one definitely help in my career..