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Reading the contents of an outlook email

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We have a need to be able to read the contents of an outlook email.

For example we would like to be able to send an approver a request to approve or reject a requisition via email from SAP. Once the approver has made a decision we would like him to be able to reply to this email with his decision by entering 'Approved' or 'Rejected' in the subject line or in some other part of the email and then reply to the email with the decision. Now we would like to be able to receive that email at the SAP end, read it's contents and then decide on the processing based on the decision contained in the email.

I know how to send out an email. I need help with being able to receive and read the email at the SAP end before I can decide on the further processing.

I am aware of the SAP ADOBE interactive form but our company has decided against using it because of the cost involved. we are looking for solutions with what we already have, namely SAP ECC 6.0.

Please help me if you have a solution or point me to a resource that could help me.


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For this, U can take help resource/s who knows Workflow

In the need of input from the user other than mere clicking of accept and reject actions, u can go for the Form Step in workflow. The form step presents the user a form (User interface) thus by enabling the workflow developer to capture the required input from the user. The form used here is just like classic Dynpro screen, which can be designed in Screen Painter (SE51).



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We are specifically interested in the interaction between SAP and outlook. The business reason for this is that many of the supervisors in the warehouse and shop floor are often away from their desks, however most of them have Black berry phones with outlook available on them. Our ability to communicate between SAP and outlook is essential to meet this need. The workflow is specific to SAP and usually the workflow emails are sent to your SAP inbox. This does not help our cause.

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I have found the following link. I will study it for now.

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