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Reading of Cluster Table

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Basically I want to read the cluster TE in the PCL1 table,How is the process to go about it.

I just want to know from where the data in the cluster table gets accumulated.

Thanks in Advance,

Irfan Hussain


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whenever a HR module is run for an employee, the save button pressed, internally some of the data is been filled up into the PCL1 table. This is how the cluster table gets filled up. U can retrieve data from this PCL1 table and use it in ur program.

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Hi Irfan,

1 Sample code :

data : t001 like t001.

import t001 from database PCL1(TE) ID 'ABC'.

2. a) TE is the relid

TE=HR Travel expenses international

b) T001 is the table u want

(U Must know what u want,

bcos in cluster there are many tables)

c) ABC is the key

ie. it consists of personnel number

and other fields for unique identification.

eg. 00010102000000007000099


Amit M.

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Hi Amit,

Thanks for the information which you have provided ,

But one doubt is that, how data is getting stored in cluster table, which is the source which leads the filling of these cluster tables.

The table which you have mentioned T001 is for the

for company codes.

Please further help me out in this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

Irfan Hussain

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Hi Irfan,

1. Probably PCL1 is for leave, coff, lwp, absence quota

or time management.

2. So HR Standard programs, will fill this table data.

3. Just like PCL2 is for payroll results.

4. I have not used PCL1. I think

u will have to find some standard program

or documentation to find which table

data is filled inside this cluster.


Amit M.

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Hi Irfan,

Pl take a look at the following link for a clear undertstanding of the Travel Expenses process Flow.

<a href="">click here</a>

Also, pl see the report RPCLSTTE to get the Trip details.


Suresh Datti