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re :urgent :getting the latest status for particular sales order

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hi to all,

i am having a query in sd-abap

actually we r having one ztable ok. in that we r having two fields namely status of particular sales orderactivity and a sequenceial number.

status field name is zhhstatus and sequential no field as in status is like this ex ,ddd ,sss

and sequential no for this status 1,2,3 . 3 is latest status for corresponding statuss ddd. how to write the logic for getting max status for particular sales order.

plz do this help by giving possible answers.

thanks in advance.


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select *

from ztable

into table itab

where vbeln = <sales order number>.

sort itab by <sequence number> descending.

read itab index 1.

if sy-subrc = 0.

  • your itab will noe have the latest status

v_status = itab-status.




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I'm not sure in alphabetic order the "ddd" is after the "ex"



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if you would like to go fast, and if an order could have only one time a statut and must have the first statut to pass to the status 2 ... you could simply count using a group by select.

select order count( * ) into w_data from table group by order.

if w_data = 3 you have the status sss

if w_data = 2 you have the status ddd

if w_data = 1 you have the status ex



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