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Re-send Idocs

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Hi folks,

I need to re-send Idocs, which are with status '03'. I know the transactions : bd87,we19 and bd73 and program :RSARFCEX.

What are the other way, as I have 900 idocs which I want to external non-sap system . I just got call from them they said they are not receiving it but our RFC/ALE settings is fine, and BD 87 explains that every thing is fine ..What could be the problem?

In addition, how I can send all Idocs with status '03'



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Unfortunately, SAP prohibits resending an already send IDoc.

But If you want to resend just in exceptional cases you may use WE19, the test tool and recreate the IDoc as a copy of the original. WE19 will also allow to edit the IDoc properly. Since release 4.6 the tool became pretty cool to use.

Another option is a little ABAP, like the following two-liner:

PARAMETERS: docnum like edidc-docnum.

update edids set status = '30' where docnum eq docnum and status eq '03'. Then resend all the IDOCs that updated.

Hope this solves this problem.

For not receiving idoc to recivers end, I would like to What the message you getting it. Based on check the settings/Authorizations at receiver end.

Thanks & Regards,

Naga Maruthi