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re:addition of fields in selection screen1

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i want to add two fields in selection screen and fetch the correponding pernr(field in vbpa i.e personal number) based on these two partner functions.

these two are partner functions are

Service Representative ZQ

Customs Representative ZG.

i want logic how to add these fields to output.

please give me the solution as early as possible



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u can give only one select-options


select-option: S_PARVW for VBPA-PARVW defaul 'ZQ'.

dont check sytaxx.



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Hi Raj,

I don't know what field u r going to add in selection screen by which u r going to fatch. But if thats not related with this select stmt then select stmt will be like this...

select * (Fields u need)

from VBPA

into table t_vbpa (Internal table)

where parvw = 'ZQ'

or parvw = 'ZG'.