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"MARA" has already been declared.

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Hi all,

When I want to declare some tables in an include and then, put this include at program side, I get the error like above, the table name is not important...

Even if I have not put Mara elsewhere in code, it says Mara or something else also, has already been declared.

What is happening?



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Check whether you have declared MARA table in both include and main program.


If it exist in both, then only it gives such error message.

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Hi Hirial,

I have not declared it elsewhere.

However I get this error.

I have searched the code and not found any ' tables 'statement, just one is available and it is in include.


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Hi Deniz Topark,

1 Check Main program in which u r using the include program...

2 Check each & every include program which u r using in Main program..

Hope it will solve your problem..

Reward points if useful...

Thanks & Regards

ilesh 24x7

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Hi Deniz,

IF you have multiple includes in your program once if you delcare the tables in any of the table it will give that error showing table already exits.

Use Ctrl+ F to find is there any tables already delcared or not? If your tyring to put mara it is giving error try to remove mara and see wht is happening any new error is getting or not? if it says no table exits so try to keep give tables name in main program not in include and check.

<b>reward if useful</b>


sunil kairam.