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query result in application server as a .CSV file

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Can any one tel me how can i place the query result in application server as a .CSV file.

when am executing WRITEQUERY program it asking query name and displaying result in excel sheet, i don't what is next step to keep file in app server.

read writequery prog,it is genrated in excel sheet, now i need to send that data to application server path in csv format

actually i am not able to get the internal table in writequry where the query data is stored.

please provide me the sample code i can understand. plz.

plz do favour for me, take this high priority and asap.

Thanks a lot


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Hi Sara,

Check this link, this a very good link that should help you out.

[ABAP Query|]

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Actually i don't want how to create abap querey,

My requirment is, WRITEQUERY program wherenever we r excuting it vil display qurery data in excel format,

now i don't want any excel format display, I need that data, should go to application server in .CSV format.

Actually i am not understanding writequere program, in that which internal table i have to pass application server.

PLz give me reply anyone

Help me out .

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Write a program which will pick the excel file from your location and upload it to application server at desired location.

Run the two programs in a bath job as 2 different steps.First the WRITEQUERY and then the new program. You will get what is desired.