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query report

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HI all,

i dont know much abt query reports i have a field i a query report whose field length i need to change, if any one can elaborate on the steps required to go through sq01 and sq02 to increase the length of the field. at present it is type p lenghth 3 i need it to be atleast 7-8.

Thanks in advance.



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hi all i also need to make a field in the same query report mandatory how to go abt it.

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Dear Anu

Please try as per the following steps:

1. Go to transaction SQ02.

2. Use menupath: Goto -> Node Extras

3. From the right partion of the screen, there will be few buttons.

4. Click on Create.

5. Define a variable say zfld1. Give the type of additional information as Additional Field.

6. In the popup screen, populate values for Long Text, Header, Type P, Length, Output Length, Decimals.

7. Now click on the Coding for Addition button in the same screen.

8. Write the coding to populate this variable.

9. Save.

10. Click on field groups in the application tool bar.

11. You will find "Additional fields" on the left hand side of the partition.

12. Drag this field to any field group on the right hand side.

13. Save.

14. Generate. Ignore the warning messages if any.

15. Go to transaction SQ01.

16. Select the query in change mode.

17. Now select this field for output and check the results. I hope from here you can take it on.

Hope the info can help you.

Kind Regards


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hi if u can let me know how to make the selection screen fields mandatory

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Hi Anu

You can acheive the same by setting a variant with attributes of mandatory fields.

For this you can follow below steps:

1. Go to transaction SQ01. Go in change mode of the query.

2. In the initial screen, Under special Attributes you will find <b>Standard Variant</b>, Execute only with variant checkbox. Tick the checkbox. By default the value for Standard Variant is <b>CUS&STANDARD</b>.

3. Now execute.

4. In the selection screen, Click on Save button as you are saving a variant of report.

5. In the next screen: Select the checkboxes in the last column for all parameters that you want to make mandatory.

6. Now save the variant.

7. Go back and start afresh executing the query from SQ01.

You will find the fields as mandatory for which you have set.

Hope this helps you.

Also kindly note to close your thread when completely solved by the replies or even by yourself.

Kind Regards