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query regarding query

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Hi All,

I am developing infoset in query using sq02.

There i have added one additional field 'gross value' and table as vbak.This gross value is nothing but the total of total value of each material in each line item of sales order after adding taxes.

I need total amount by adding of all these total values of all line items.

Can you please tell me how can i achieve this.




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Create the additional filed in the last table node.

Then right click on it and click on FIELD CODE.

In field code u need to do the coding for totaling

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Hi Abhay,

Thats fine but just tell me how can i access those total value amounts from sales order into code section of additional field.



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In Event " Record processing "

Write the below logic.

Clear : grossvalue,


Add all line items

AT END OF sales order.

Move v_toal to gross value.

I think you might have created grossvalue in "extras " tab.

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Hi murali,

Thanks for your answer.

but i didnt get u completely.

yes i have created gross val field in 'extras' tab

but where should i put this login. I mean where can i find the event Record processing.

can you please elaborate