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purchase order through External Send to include a CC address

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Does anyone have any idea how to get the e-mail of a purchase order sent through External Send to include a CC address in the e-mail?

I have searched the forum and found a few questions regarding sending a purchase order to more than 1 e-mail address using external send, but not solutions.

We have got this working to send to the vendor, but the purchasing manager won't use it until we are able to cc the purchaser into the mail. This is to allow the purchaser to keep track on what has been sent. It seems like an obvious thing to want to do. Is it possible in standard SAP? If not, where should I start to get this to work? Is there a customer exit or another area of code somewhere that I can change to trigger a second e-mail. Alternatively can I run this through workflow somehow?

Any suggestions will be greatfully received and rewarded.

Thank you



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are you doing this with the help of Output type.

if so try to create a distribution list and send the mail to distribution list , in stead of sending the mail to one user id.



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The vendor e-mail address is picked up from the master data and the purchaser's e-mail would be picked up from their user account. The problem is that I don't know at what stage in the program SAPFM06P, used for sending the purchase order, I could set up the distribution list.

If I set the vendor address to name.address@somewhere; name2.address@somewhere else this works and both name and name2 receive the e-mail. But it would mean the purchasers ammending the vendor e-mail address each time, which just isn't practical.

I probably should have said that I'm using SAP version 46c and the e-mail is sent using standard SAP settings for 5-External send using program SAPFM06P and form MEDRUCK.

Thanks for the advice


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Another solution can be to have a table lets keyed on vendor and attribute field having the distribution list.

Basically, the logic can be to use the vendor code and read the table as to fetch the corresponding distribution list.