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PS person assignment CRHD KAKO HRP1001

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Dear group,

With ST05 I made a trace of the person assignment in CJ20N to a networkactivity. With the workplace (CRHD/CRCA/CRTX) one can find data in the KAKO and KBED tables, and I see in the trace that HRP1001 is read for objecttype KA (capacity logistics). But the read/fetch on table HRP1001, where one should expect the persons, is zero, i.e. no record is found.

The trace shows after the read of table KAKO a read of PA0000 end PA0002 with a person (PERNR) but I still do not know how this PERNR is found. It is not in the KAKO or KBED.

Does anyone have a clue?

Regards, Léon Hoeneveld


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It seems in table KBED are other records with PERNR filled, only the CANUM field is different, but the person assignment is in the KBED table