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Protecting Tables and Programs

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Why and How we will protect Table and Programs in R/3

Appreciated IF and Elaborate and Conceptual Explanation is Given

Thx & Best Regds

Neelima !!!


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Hi Neelima,

Restricting tables and reports are considered to be very critical. Please have a look at the following which might throw some light on how to proceed with restricting the same:

Give access to transactions:

SA38 for Report programs

SM30 for Tables.

The 2 main objects cheked mainly are:


S_TABU_DIS, respectively.


This contains the following fields:

Development class for transport system: Development class for which a user is authorized.

Development object ID: Object types for which a user is authorized.

Node name: Name of the programs or other types of objects, for which the user has authorization (also generic).

Authorization group with ABAP programs: Valid authorization groups for ABAP programs and associated objects. If you are not using your own authorization groups, you should set this field to the value *.

Activity: Operations that a user can perform.


The object contains the following fields:

Authorization group for DD objects: Authorization for tables by authorization class according to table TDDAT.

Enter the name of the allowed classes. Table classes are defined in table TDDAT.

Activity: Allowed operations.

Hope it helps.

Please award points if it is useful.

Thanks & Regards,


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As santhosh said we can restrict the programs using S_develop authorization obejct and can restrict the entire table using S_TABU_DIS. Further going down we can restrict the tables based on the key fields of the table using the authorization object S_TABU_LIN. Suppose if you are doing coustomization for different countries and want to restrict those countires to see only there data in the table, you can do that by restricting the table based on there country code or currency. For implimentation of S_TABU_LIN authorization object please go through the below link