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Program to Compare SAP Scripts

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Please let me know the Program to compare all the attributes like Window, Paragraph formats along with the Text elements included in the Window of SAP Script.

When I change a SAP Script, an entry with the form name is included in the Transport Request. Please let me know how to find the language of the Script included in the respective Transport Request.




Developer Advocate
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You can use program RSTXFCOM for this. You can also get there by transaction SE71, click utilities, compare forms.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Rich,

I used the program RSTXFCOM to compare clients.

I have copied the existing Script into new Script and did not do any changes in the copied Script and ran program RSTXFCOM to compare Forms.

I expected message saying no differences found, But when I saw the output, It showed the default Text Element in the Window are different. Can you please explain me the reason for the Differences.

After that I changed the Text in a Text Element of a Window. and again I ran program RSTXFCOM to identify those differences. But Program RSTXFCOM was not identifying those differences. Can you let me know is there any other way identify the differences in the text of the Window.

Thanks in Advance,


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SE71-->give your FORM name.

Utilities-->compare forme.

Here give the FORM name with which you are comparing.

and execute it.

Make sure of language and Active.


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