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Program name starting with " ! "

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Hi ABAPers !

For some unknown reasons, while working on the development of a custom program called "ZVER0221_V2", at some point in my development, the Workbench stared asking me ( almost everytime I save a program and/or and include related to this main program ) to select to which main program the object I'm about to save in linked to. The option it gives me are:



I don't understand why its asking me that... where this !VER0221_V2 is coming from ??&**?

I'm able to display this !VER0221_V2 program and it shows itself as "active". When I try to edit it, I get the following message:

No TADIR entry found for ABAP !VER0221_V2

Can anyone tell me where this program might come from and how can I get rid of it... !!!

Thanks in advance.

José Paquette


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"!xxxx" is a temporary version of "zxxxx" program, generated if you test run an inactive version of a modified program (remember the warning, "there are inactive version...") just activate the main program, and it should disappear.



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Hi Raymond,

My main program is active... but it stays there !

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Check if program and every include are at the same version (active program version differs from saved)

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Hi everybody,

this may be a bit late for the original post, but as I did not find a solution on SCN, I thought, I'd share mine (I also had a "!"-program, that did not disappear after activation):

- Change the program and save to create an inactive version.

- Run this inactive version.

- After the next activation, the mysterious "!"-program disappeared.

Kind regards


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