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Program Last Executed & By Whom

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Hi Guys/Dolls

I'm trying to obtain information on when a program was last executed and by whom.

Having looked on this forum it mentions using transaction code STAT and STAD.

Are these the correct transactions I should be using to achieve my aims.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with these transactions and need one of you guru's to guide me via a step by step procedure so I may obtain the information.

Many thanks in advance



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Hi raj,

Goto STAT press enter.

Enter your USER NAME, Date and press Enter.

It will displays all the Transactions used by the particular user.

From Table TRDIR also you get the information about Last change.

TRDIR-UDAT ---> Changed On

TRDIR-UNAM ---> User Name


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You have REPOSRC, the database table, which helps you to display the changes by the USER.

use the transaction STAT


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Goto STAD transaction

Enter Client, user, program name and Task type

and give the range of dates

execute and see the statistics related to that program

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When using transaction STAD the section title "read interval" has a date, time and length field on it ? In what context are these fields exactly used.

I need to know when it was last executed by anybody without me having to specify a date, time and length.

eg. User W19127 (me) has written a program ZH109REP on 01.01.2007 and tested it on 01.01.2007 but this program was last executed by someone after 01.01.2007.

1) How would I find this someone

2) What date was it last executed.

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Try Transaction ST03 or ST03N.


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