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Program Docu with screenshot

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Hi all

I'm looking for a possibility to involve screenshots (e.g. .bmp or .tif) into a program ducumentation (created by e.g. SE80 -> goto -> Documentation).

Does anyone have an idea how / what to do ?


Where have I to store an assigned HTML file if using an appropriate FM like e.g. FM: IWB_HTML_HELP_CALL to use an HTML help file ? It's possible to store it within an SAP cluster database ?


thanks for your answers in advance !

greetings, Stefan


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Hello Stefan,

Not sure, but try tcode DWDM, may you get some useful data from there


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use transaction OAOR to load pictures and in the program documentation.

or if you want to use local files, in the change mode of the program documentation

insert->graphics->import (F5) to load a local bmp files into program documentation.



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Thank you for answering !

yes, it's possibly to insert/assign a grahics file to a docu, but unfortunately it's not displayed (except within a print preview or when printing).

If anyone of you kwows how to display grapics by displaying the docu I would be appreciate for tips.

thanks, Stefan