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Processsing non-printing ASCII characters using ABAP

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Hi All,

I would like to process a GUI field input that contains a non-printing ASCII character. It is actually from barcode being read into a GUI field that is then picked up by an ABAP program e.g. in readable format looks like this: 123456789 but actually contains a non-printing ASCII character (ASCII char 29) used as a data separator e.g. 1234<sep>567<sep>89.

I would like to parse the input using ABAP at the non-printing ASCII character so that I have 3 variables A=1234 & B=567 & C=89.

How should I best tackle this?




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Pls check this...

DATA: hx29 type x value '29'.

data : wa_hx29(1).

data : wa_str(30) type c.

data : wa_str1(10),wa_str2(10),wa_str3(7).

wa_hx29 = hx29.

split wa_str at wa_hx29 into wa_str1 wa_str2 wa_str3.

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Thanks but this will not split at the ASCII char as 29 can be included in my string.

To clarify: I would like to read in a non printable ASCII character and process this in ABAP. Not just parse at a regular character.

Isn't LF usually read into a string variable in ABAP as '##' or something?