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Problm download excel from ALV

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Hi Experts,

I am facing a problem when downloading data from alv into a excel file. all the datas written in english are coming correctly but the japaneese or other chars are replaced by '#'. I am using FM 'GUI_DOWNLOAD'. How can I solve the problem?


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Hi Mini,

kindly explain your requirement, why you have output in combination of two languages.

if you are talking about individual runs, kindly give value to sy-langu of the resepective language.

if not solved , pls let me know.



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I am downloading records from a hierarchical ALV.Now tghis ALV has a detail list with some values like material description 'AC3200 エベレストID 30ATM'.Now what is happening,when I am downloading this to excel,this value comes like 'AC3200 ######## 30ATM'.means replacing non eng characters.

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hi mini,

sorry for questioning you again, did you mentioned language key when you are fetching data from MAKT for description, useually we won't display another language inform in one language.

is u r report is displaying japanise output?

Thanks ,


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The FM SAP_CONVERT_TO_XLS_FORMAT is not working properly.

Myt program has a o/p of non english char.

Thanks in advance.

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I solved it by myself just passing 'codepage' and 'write bom' parameters in the FM "GUI_DOWNLOAD".

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Try using this function Module: SAP_CONVERT_TO_XLS_FORMAT

If it still givin problem then may be u will hav to check the excel features.

Sometimes...when u copy paste values to excel..they hav to be reformatted using excel features.

Hope this helps you..

Best Regards,

Navin Fernandes.