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problems with creation tables

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trying to create a z-table where I use self created data elements

of type char 60.

In se11 I create new table and want to fill the data, but If I select my

data elements he shows a length of 0 even if I defined it with length 60.

What is the problem? Why he tooks wrong size?

Interessting. It just seemed to happen if I use the search (F4). While

typing directly, he tooks right lenght.

Also the SAP help (for example for ABAP documentatio) opens a window,

but doesn't display the help text in the right frame.

Seems to be a SAP GUI problem?!?!



Edited by: Christian Riekenberg on Jul 10, 2008 8:35 PM


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May be you might be using wrong data element in the table. Please check if you are making use of the created data type ...



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May be some typo error.

Just delete that error field from your table and define once again. Generally this should not happen.

Even then if problem persists, then try using some standard data elements say Char60 instead of your own data element and see the results.

Hope this helps!!!



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It might be the case you have'nt activated the data element which u have created .

or domain.

activate the data element domain


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Firstly check whether u have entered correct details in the domain like type (Char ) and lenght (60).

Do activate the domain and then the data element. After doing so , you would be able to get the correct output.

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HI christian,

This should not happen . It seems that either the data element or the domain is not activated.That is why it is not working.

Try it out if it does not work just log off and log in again.If still the issue persists you might have to delete & recreate the data element and its domain.

Check that out.



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This should not happen.

May be you have not activated the data element while creation.

Or it may be due to some typing error on your part.

One suggestion that you can try is just logging of and logon agaian n try again.

This happens sometime while working.




Edited by: Julius Bussche on Jul 14, 2008 5:23 PM

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As far as I know this should not happen. Firstly see if you have activated the data element and the domain or not. If it does not work good then delete the work field from your table and define it once again. Else use standard data element like Char60 instead of your own data element.

Hope this info will help !!

Warm regards,

Sandeep Panja.

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Data element is definitively activated and if I type the name directly

everything works. Just if I search the element (e.g. z* and search)

and try to insert this, he took wrong length.

If the wrong length is taken, I can't do anything except abort the

editing, because I'm not able to delete the row or change the

data element.

Very strange....

Amazing. Even if I search for a basic data element like CHAR64

(CHAR60 doesn't exist), he also set the length to 0.


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After selecting the DATA ELEMENT from the Pop Up List (I

mean in the screen where you search for the DE) press the

ENTER KEY to reflect its attributes in the TABLE.

Hope it helps you.


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Thanks, but of course I pressed the enter key. Normally

he tooks the length out of the data element, but in my case he

just insert a length of 0.