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Problems while rounding values

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i am getting KBETR values and displaying them in a type p decimals 5 field . Before display these values are being rounded off .....cos of which while displaying the type p field shows value 130.05000 instead of 130.4999...... how do i solve this




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Hi Sindhu,

Take a character variable of KBETR length and pass KBETR value into this and display character variable instead of moving to a type p variable.



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Before displaing move the value of the variable to char variable.

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Can you post some of the code.

This seems to output 130.50000.

data: KBETR_in   type KBETR value '130.4999' .
data: KBETR_out  type p decimals 5.

KBETR_out  = KBETR_in.

write:/ KBETR_out.


Rich Heilman

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Hi All,

This is how KBETR is defined.

Domain         WERTV6                         Value field PL6 with 
                          Data Type  CURR       Currency field, stored as DEC 
                          <b>Length     11         Decimal Places   2</b>   

Thus it gets rounded to 130.50 and is stored in that way even when value assigned to it is 130.4999.

Consider this code.

REPORT zarun_2.
DATA: kbetr_in   TYPE kbetr ,
      kbetr_out  TYPE p DECIMALS 5,
      exrate     TYPE exrate.

kbetr_in = '130.4999' .
WRITE: / 'After Assigning to KBETR  :', kbetr_in.

exrate = '130.4999' .
WRITE:/  'After Assigning to EXRATE :', exrate.

kbetr_out  = kbetr_in.
WRITE:/  'After Assigning to TYPE P DEC 5(KBETR) :', kbetr_out.

kbetr_out  = exrate.
WRITE:/  'After Assigning to TYPE P DEC 5(EXRATE) :', kbetr_out.

<b>This is the output</b>

After Assigning to KBETR  :          130.50
After Assigning to EXRATE :             130.49990
After Assigning to TYPE P DEC 5(KBETR) :        130.50000
After Assigning to TYPE P DEC 5(KBETR) :        130.49990


Arun Sambargi.

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