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problem with Tcode F-58 "payment advice notes"

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Hi, we have the next problem, BASIS placed the monday of the past week a Service Pack "SAPKH60014" in all the clients (we have 3 dev,qas, and prd).

the next day, the tcode F-58 (Payment with Printout Header data) started printing documents without detail, The "check" is Ok, te problem is just with "payment advice notes".

When i debug the payment advice all the data is Ok, the data that doesn´t show output in printer is:




in debug each of this fields has a value, but, when it creates the document it´s created without those values.

when i browse the REGUP table, this data is saved, so it exists.

Why if the data exists in the REGUP table, in debug mode i can see those field with the right data, when printing it does´t display it in paper.

Whe tryied with the standard sapscript and with the Z sapscript and is the same.

thanks on advance,

David Fúnez

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


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Hello David,

Most installations opt to copy standard control program RFFOUS and its includes into Z programs, to meet its requirements. When an SP or a full flown upgrade takes place, this Z program becomes obsolete although SPAU cant report it (because it is a copy, not an standard program repair).

Check for something by the lines of ZRFFOUS and compare it with the new standard program RFFOUS with the SE39 and see what's new. Latest version seems to include some enhancement points but they are not enought to satisfy full flown customization of payment complementary forms.

Best Regards,

Gabriel Villahermosa.

Caracas, Venezuela.

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