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Problem with table line (footer) in smartform

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Hey guys and gals !!!

I have got this problem with the footer line in my smartform.I have checked the <i>no pagebreak</i> option for this line but still some contents are getting truncated instead of being shown totally on one page.

The line has two cells.The first cell has 4 text nodes and the second cell has 1 text node.

I am able to see just the text from the 1st text nodes while the others are getting truncated.

Please suggest a solution.Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Greenidge Gonsalves

SAP Technical Consultant


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When you say Cell, do you mean Windows ?

Can you confirm whether both the windows are being displayed ?

The reasons of truncation could be:

a) Font is big, and the text does not fit in the window

b) Font is okay, but too much data, and therefore again it does not fit in the window

You might have to reposition your windows and adjust the size of the font and try again.


Subramanian V.

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The problem is not clearly explained.

However, I assume that you have a footer which is NOT a part of MAIN Window and a table has been defined and only the contents of the First TEXT node is getting printed while others are getting truncated.

If my understanding is right,

1. It is getting truncated because the text is more than the size of the window that has been defined.

2. I suggest you, if the contents (size) of the footer varies from output to output, then better to shift the footer to the MAIN Window so that you will see the complete text.

I hope this helps you.

Regards, Murugesh AS

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Hi Greenidge

What do you mean by "4 text nodes linked to a cell". This should be not possible since each cell can have exactly 1 text node. That is because, for text node output options you are obliged to set at least one of <i>"New cell"</i> or <i>"New line"</i> options. If you leave both blank, your smartform will still be generated but will not be displayed at runtime raising the exception "formatting error".

That is why you can just see the first text node but not others.

So try to assign 1 text node to 1 cell. If you have multiple fields to write, insert them into just 1 text node.


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Hello Serdar,

I think we can print multiple text nodes in a cell. I have used it and it is working fine. For the first cell we give the parameters in Output options as per the requirement.

The other text nodes have intial output options / Output Table parameters. Means I do not give the cell specifications.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS

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Hello Dudes!

Well when i say cell i mean for a table line the number of columns.


Cell 1

Cell 2



Anyways, i have found out what the problem was.Apparently the space reserved for my footer was the default of 1 cm.So it was unable to accomodate all the 4 text nodes.I increased it to 2 cm and VOLLA!!! the problem was solved.Thanks for all the help anyways and i am sorry that i wasnt able to explain my problem clearly.I make sure i am more clear in the future.

Kind Regards,

Greenidge Gonsalves

SAP Technical Consultant