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Problem with SMARTFORMS with Backgound Pic. & Page Break

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I am facing problem with SMARTFORMS having two pages one with background picture and other without backgound picture.

Suppose I have two pages Page 1 and Page 2.

Page 1 has a backgound picture and page 2 doesn't have.

For page 1 i have given next page as page 2 and for page 2 i have given next page as page 1.

But page 2 is called only based on certain conditions given on page 1.

When I execute it, I get page 1, page 2 and then again page 1(extra).

How to avoid printing of duplicate copy of page 1 again?

Main window is there in page 1 and i could not add any command lines for a page break in page 2.

I would like to know answers to the following questions regarding SMARTFORMS:

1) I want to display result withbackgound picture and without background picture alternatively on pages, how can i achieve this using smartforms?

i.e. page 1 with picture, page 2 without picture, page 3 with picture, page 4 without picture and so on...

2) How to call a background picture dynamically in a page?

3) For a dynamic page break we can use command lines in the main window, how can we dynamically give a page break in the windows other than main window or in the pages where there is no main window?

I have searched SAP notes related to smartforms, I could not find answers to my questions. Please let me know if there are any reference SAP notes.

I would be very much thankful, if anyone could clarify my doubts.

Thanks and Regards,



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Hello Bhaskar,

befor i can help you, i need the SAP Release that you use.



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SAP R/3 Release 4.6C

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Hello Bhaskar,

is it right that you like to print douplex, the frontpage with pic. and the backpage with out pic.

you have to set on page registercard "output option" the field printmode to duplex.

The current print mode is set to DUPLEX (double-sided print, long-edge binding) and a new page is started. A form page defined with DUPLEX is always printed on the front of the page, never on the back of the page. If the next form page contains the attribute value DEFAULT, it is output on the back of the page.

How to call a background picture dynamically in a page?

on 4.6c you dont can do this.

only the main window can do a page change on 4.7c



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Dear Horst,

I do not want to print front and back, I want one sided print only.

I have different output on alternate pages, one should have a backgound picture and other no backgound picture.

If we cannot call backgound picture dynamically, I am wondering why the option of determine dynamically is given in the Page of SMARTFORMS?

Assume all the questions are for 4.7, please let me know how we can solve the problems.


Bhaskar Madugula