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Problem with S_TCODE

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I have removed a Transaction from the MENU, but even after generating the Role the tcode is not getting removed from S_TCODE object.

and S_TCODE is not editable.

I have Generated teh Role in Expert mode with the 3rd option as well. Still the Tcode is not getting removed from S_TCODE.

Also, the object S_TCODE was not added 'manual'ly. Its a 'standard' object.

The user still has access to that Transaction. Please help.



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Gautam Poddar


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For immediate relief list out hat tcodes are listed under the object S_TCODE.Create another S_TCODE manually and add all these Tcodes except the one you wnat to remove. Make the first S_Tcode inactive or delete it.

Hope this helps.

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I have already created a new S_TCODE, but I am looking for a more permanent solution and the reason for this happening

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look like the tables are out of sync, ask your basis consultant to run the job tables reorg.

Sometimes it is timestamp related, so if you open the role the next day an do the same change it suddenly works

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Hello Gautam,

Tcode may exists in different locations in a single role.

That was the reason even after deleting the Tcode, you still able to view in S_TCODE.

Best way remove to remove tcode completely from the locations of a SINGLE role is :

Goto PFCG--->enter the ROLE-->go to CHANGE mode> after that select Role Menu-->then goto BINACULAR symbol and click it>there u can enter the TCODE which u want to remove->after that u may find different NODES(path from bottom to top)---->go to each node and can delete all the locations of your Tcode completely.....after after this you may not find S_TCODE.

Hope this clarifies your Issue.

Reward me if u r happy.