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Problem with periodic settlement rule

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Hello everybody.

We are working with SAP ECC 6.0, in a poultry industry which produces egg for consumption. We have defined for address the production costs, a periodic Settlement Rule, considering the percentage of egg production by type (A, B, C, Jumbo, and so on), for each shed. The order is created with 18 weeks of life during the growing chickens phase, and 62 weeks during the production phase (eggs production). The process requires settling them on a daily basis to be able to update the cost of the product. Due to the own typical of the process, each bird produces a variable amount of eggs by type and day, therefore it is not possible to be established with exactitude the percentage of the daily production of each type of egg. Due to it, when we establish the percentage of the Settlement rule, these do not reflect the reality of the production of the day, because they are fixed by the system after the first settlement. We need to know if a possibility exists of being able to daily update the percentages of the Settlement rule before you settle each order daily maintaining the same order.

Waiting you could help,

Kind regards,

Elvis E. Henriquez A.


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I am a hobby farmer and have 5 chickens as well. The closest thing to this which I have seen here in the security forum is an abstract discussion about the chicken-or-the-egg-first dilemma in general... and another about some users being "like a fox in a chicken house"...

Perhaps you want to take a look around the SDN site for a more appropriate forum and let me know which one you would like to have this thread moved into.

Also search the blog area for this, as I distinctly remember some blogs on the topic a few months ago.