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Problem with OSS note

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Hello. I do not know if there is anybody in here that has encountered this problem but....

We have NEW GL activated so we have to use transaction FAGL_FC_VAL with program FAGL_FC_VALUATION for closing year and converting some documents from local currency to other currencies.

When I run the program, there is a error concerning string length:



I have looked for a SAP note that corrects this error. I have implemented it but still...there is no effect. Suggestions?

The error takes place in K_KKB_FIELDCAT_MERGE function at line 366.

I do not thing that trimming the variable from 75 to 72 chars is a solution.

Thank you,



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can i know ur SAP version. in version ECC 5.0 it is like this:

    • class cx_sy_read_src_line_too_long definition load.*

    • data: ex_too_long type ref to cx_sy_read_src_line_too_long.*

    • try.*

read report l_prog_tab_local into l_abap_source.

    • catch cx_sy_read_src_line_too_long into ex_too_long.*

    • endtry.*

except read statement remaining part-exception handling is commented.

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Hi. I have looked for OSS notes for this error. There is a note 1013501 that say this is an programming error and it can be fixed with correction instruction 844370 or install package SAPKH50016.

Still, after implementing the correction instruction, it didn't work.

For the moment I do not want to install packages.

My system is 5.0. Retail configuration.

Could you tell me the line numbers of that code?

Edited by: Cristian Boartes on Dec 21, 2007 4:01 PM

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Line no. of the code: 363

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Sorry, I tought that was the solution. I know where the error is, it tries to pass a 75 char string to a 72 char variable.

The problem is that the OSS note didn't helped.