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problem with internal table initialisation in EBP system

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I work in EBP system, and i made a specific work in LBBP_POCF0o program. It is in the displaying items of a purchase order.

This is what i done:

LOOP AT t_screen_items WHERE del_ind NE 'X'.

w_old_total = w_old_total + t_screen_items-value.



loop at gt_item where del_ind ne 'X'.

w_new_total = w_new_total +

( gt_item-GROSS_PRICE * gt_item-quantity ).

clear: gt_item.


if w_new_total GT w_old_total.


'elle possède un montant supérieur'

' à celui déterminé intialement.'

'Veuillez modifier la commande.'.

MOVE 'X' TO w_checksum_flag.


My problem is that if i use the elevator at the screen, the system is looping only at the first element visible on the screen, so the "LOOP AT t_screen_items" is wrong. i don't understand why the sytem doesn't count all the elements of the internal table t_screen_items...

Thank you for your help.


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I dont seem to understand ur requirements clearly. Pls be more clear.

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Well, i will try to be more clearly...

My problem is very suprising..In the purchase order screen, if there's more than 10 items, there's an elevator (or ascencor) to permit displaying the items which are hidden. And so, when i use the elevator, and when i want to see the details of the item, the "loop at t_item_screens" only begins at the first item visible. For exemple, if i have 13 items, i want to see the 11th item, i have to use the elevator, and then in the "loop at t_item_screens", the loop will do only 3 times the loop, it will begin only from the 11th item... The loop won't begin at the first element.... I really don't understand.

Sorry if i'm not clearly... Anyway, thank you for your help.