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Problem with GUI_DOWNLOAD

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I have a internal table with records length 256 characters. This table must be placed on the PC in Latin-5, but i don't want to have CR LF.

Which parameters i need to fill on GUI_DOWNLOAD to place the table on the PC and which for the GUI_UPLOAD

Now i'm using

DATA lc_codepage TYPE abap_encod.

lc_codepage = '1611'.



filename = ls_filename

  • filetype = 'ASC'

  • WRITE_LF = 'X'

codepage = lc_codepage

This give CRLF.

Using BIN gives a very big file. Even bigger dan the one with CRLF.

Using ASC and write_lf = spaces gives a dump.

The file is 8 MB big.


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Hi Maarten,

I am not sure, but maybe you should use the Class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES. This method has a lot of methods, one of them is GUI_DOWNLOAD. There are a lot of parameters.

Hope it will help you.

Greetings Maarten