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Problem with Fonts using So10 for Dunning forms

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Hello Gurus,

I have developed a Form for Dunning and have assigned 2 different standard texts (using SO10) for 2 dunning levels and I assigned the same paragraph format for both.(in my case P5 is paragraph format). I am using the same printer to print both the forms but the font on the printout is different for both....

Could you please tell me what might be the reason for it and how do i resolve it?

Thanks in Advance



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Check the The paragraph format used for both Texts in SO10 and

the paragraph format used in the dunning ?

may be the para format in SO10 will be different for both the texts.

Since you are using the same printer, it should print the same for both.

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Hi Anji,

I have double checked the paragraph format it's pretty much the same.I am using P5 in my case and for both the standard text's, but the output is different.

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May be the standard text is executing with some other paragraph format.

or please send me the code..

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When I have given the same paragraph format for both the same....,could you tell me under what circumstances it might take a different one?